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Walk-in Bathtub – George Bentley discusses safety and medical hydrotherapy George Bentley appeared on CBS to discuss seniors’ needs, fall prevention, walk-in tubs, and medical hydrotherapy.

Senior Falls – Avoid Dangerous Shower Transfer 800-688-0055 Senior demonstrates danger in shower and lack of awareness. George Bentley conducts shockingly scary video as active, healthy senior creates great risk of injury and how she gets into and out of shower. She knows she is unsafe, but does not know how to correct the problems. She has been instructed to shower this way by professionals, but is clearly not safe! Virtually every move she makes puts her at serious risk of a fall.

Bentley Baths Product Overview See just why seniors and their adult children are rushing to purchase a Bentley Walk-in Therpay Tub of their own. Geore Bentley discusses the full range of products and options to consider Before you buy a walk-in tub.

Nurse Discusses Medical Hydrotherapy Program Results 800-688-0055 Nurse discusses 100% postive results of 7 year study into benefits seniors experience from Bentley Walk-in Bathtubs with Medical Hydrotherapy. Positive results proven for arthritis, diabetes, MS, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and most other age and health related conditions.

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